Youth & Women Empowerment

Youth & Women Empowerment

Youth Empowerment

Hardworking individuals lack the capabilities, capital and encouragement to invest in sustainable livelihoods to grow their families out of poverty. With more than 70% of the Somali population under the age of 30, Somalia is a young country with enormous development needs. The education system despite the recent successes is struggling to provide adequate, appropriate and equitable education and training opportunities that could turn the youth bulge into a development opportunity.
ACEPO’s youth empowerment programs have helped thousands of resource-poor households and youth to increase income through increased access to savings and loans, productivity and marketing.
Our work promotes inclusion and focuses on interventions that sustainably equip people with appropriate business solutions and strong market connections. We support people to improve productivity, reduce costs, improve access to inputs and capital, and expand profitable marketing options


Women Empowerment


Women are unrepresented in social, economic and political arenas due to weaknesses associated with Somalia or complete lack of non-gender sensitive policies, lack of economic capacity, cultural limitations and domestic burdens and clan-based representation system. Widespread ignorance among community and women and girl-child, in particular, is a major challenge to any meaningful development in Somalia at large. The project will not only benefit the direct beneficiaries but also the community.


By equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge to start and manage their own businesses. This will increase their financial abilities to enable them purchase food for their families, educate their children (girl child focus), afford better health, clothing, and shelter for their children and reduce poverty and attain improved standards of living. The project is focusing on capacity building of the women who are socially and economically disadvantaged.