About Us

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Acepo is a non-governmental, partisan, non-profit organization. its major cause and values are strictly adhered to major Humanitarian catastrophically mitigation in the Horn of Africa. Acepo having played a significant role in support during tough times in past lanino ( Drought, Famine, and Diseases) has taken part in water tracking, food distribution and NFI Kits Galgaduud, Galmudug state of Somalia.


The organizational dependency relies upon sufficient funds to reduce at all cost poverty alleviation through Girl Child Education, Women Empowerment and Youth representation through dialogue to reduce the harmfulness of manipulation through radicalization, terrorism and desperate journey to Europe and beyond.


We therefore with integrity efficiency sufficiency moderate support all mankind in regards to the UN standard of human equality taking into full consideration of women, children as a priority and disability group of people. We believe ” Acepo joiners is Acepo enjoyers.


Currently, we are fully working on various projects in Jubabaland Sate especially Kismayo and its surrounded areas such as Goobweyn, Bulagadud, Afmadow and Dhobley. in various sectors such as Education, Health, Wash, Human right, SGBV, HIV/AIDS.


Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and participation, and to contribute to all aspects of life.


Working togetherness for socio-economic development to the target communities through strengthening their capacity and the implementation of the program, humanitarian and protection interventions with participatory approach to all levels of community to defeat poverty, ignorance and reach prosperous with stability and protective environment.


We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition and everyone should try to realize their potential.

Core Values

  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Human right
  • Responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect for other
  • Commitment and trust ship
  • Networking
  • Performance and team working
  • Peace culture and pluralism
  • Serving the people in equal approach in line with our Organizational slogans
  • Mutual respect and partnership with the development humanitarian actors’


  • Support Community initiatives in the fields of Youth promotion and integration of community development projects.
  • To promote income generating activities and create vocational skills for youngsters, women, and girls to become self-sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living.
  • To improve the rights of women focusing on issues such as female genital mutilations FGM, early marriage, and other forms of discrimination against girls and women.
  • To promote Understanding better relationship among the communities and attitude change for working together for peace and development in the society and creating a good atmosphere of stability in whole the states including environmental protection and wildlife.
  • Encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilize among them awareness on HIV/Aids.