ACEPO in Somalia

African Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (ACEPO) is a registered international humanitarian agency and obtained registration number 4204 in Sweden.

It was established in 2015 and is strongly dedicated to serve impoverished populations and groups in humanitarian settings by providing critical relief and support. It aspires to transform the lives of vulnerable groups such as displaced children, women, people with disabilities, and the elderly who play an important role in decision-making, programming which is crucial in ensuring community participation, local ownership and sustainability of our interventions.

Our current strategic programmes are inspired by our desire to contribute in building and strengthening resilience and self-reliance. Our specific focus areas include, but are not limited to; women’s empowerment through livelihood; health and psychosocial support; early childhood development; and WASH.

Through these programs, we hope to foster opportunities that enable the people and communities we support to mitigate the negative impact of future crises including food insecurity, pandemics, and poverty.